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Have you ever seen the kind of lawn that makes you want to just pull over, take off your shoes and run over it like you did when you were 5 years old?  Me too, and they're out there.  Once we put it in for you, we will give you the watering advice to keep it that way.  We of course could be your total hands on company, that from installation to 15 years later, still looks as fantastic as the day it was put in!  Proper cutting techniques, a quality fertilizer applied at the right time, and consistent weed control, help to keep it lush and dense.

As I drive around looking at homes in the community, I see so many lawns ravaged by grub infestations, water neglect during drought, and a host of other issues. To re-sod a yard is really not that expensive and it comes with a 1 year guarantee.  Sometimes there are portions of a customer's yard that is in deep shade and then I would suggest our Specialty Dense Shade Seed to overcome those challenges that sod cannot achieve.