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Grosse Pointe, MI
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Out with the old and in with the new!  Your overgrown or unsightly shrubs, trees, and lawn too if necessary.  Some annuals and flowering perennials are the edge that makes your neighbor stop and look on their way down your block.  Color and texture will transform your house into a home.

There's a lot that goes into this and it really brings all of the creative design as well as the mechanical grunt labor together. This is what real estate agents say "is the single best return on your investment into the resale value of your home" could be.  Many homes are sorely in need of this and it is surprisingly affordable considering the intensity that we pour into our work.

And not all landscape services are created equal when it comes to a correct approach to planting.  We aren't looking to oversell you with an expensive design that has the trees and shrubs planted too close together and will therefore begin to compete for light, water, and nutrients and end up struggling and not looking healthy over time.  We'll put some thought into the layout to make sure that there is a balance of evergreens, flowering shrubs, and eye catching ornamental trees.

Not every landscaper does it the same.  Your new trees and shrubs can only display their health above ground, provided that the roots can take off quickly below ground.  That's why it will be important that someone doesn't just "shoe in" your plantings.  If they aren't going to take the time to dig a big enough hole and add the rich, loose planting medium of topsoil mixed with peat to that large hole, then those plantings are going to struggle.  They'll have poor color and blooms, they'll need more frequent watering, and it will dwarf their height ultimately.  We will make sure to do it right and we give a 2 year guarantee to prove it!  That's 2 times longer then everyone else!