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Grosse Pointe, MI
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Your clients want to feel safe when they enter your place of business.  If your lot is looking icy or slippery they might just choose to go somewhere else, and that's a lost customer.

... Or worse yet, they might be placing a call to EMS. No one wants that. That's why we are proactive with our Pre-Salt Service.  We are out in the middle of the night applying salt to your parking lot, sidewalks, and entrances to stay ahead of the storm.  That way the salt will melt what comes down throughout the day. We also use calcium chloride at your entrances to reduce the corrosive effect that salt can have when it gets tracked onto your flooring.

Calcium chloride has become very popular with our clients because it greatly reduces the damage to grass, carpet, and cement.  Many customers prefer the salt in the parking lot, and the calcium chloride near the entrances.